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Crit post!

This is an all-purpose crit post! Disagree with my characterization? Tell me here! Find something uncomfortable in what I had Katja say or do? This is the place to let me know! Anon commenting is enabled, screening is off!

Yeah, I'm super observant

<Makoto> O RITE KATJA you clicked the link in the topic right
<Ishtar> yeah, unless it changed
<Ishtar> --IT CHANGED
<Makoto> ...
* Makoto pets
* Ishtar is super observant
<Makoto> click it 8D

Seikon no Qwaser now has an official trailer and everything! If your computer is like mine and refuses to load the video there, someone uploaded it to youtube, too. D'aww, we're all legit and everything now. Katja shows up for all of a second with Mother's coffin.

Oh, and don't click those videos if you can't watch fanservicey things. Pantyshots and bouncing boobs are the theme of the day.
The Seikon no Qwaser seiyuu list is up over here. Katja is Suzumiya Haruhi. Sasha is Pride.

Is it wrong to hope for hilariously over the top filler? Because I'm hoping for it.
Seikon no Qwaser has been liscensed by Tokyopop. I repeat: the quasi-religious boob-sucking manga has been liscensed by Tokyopop.

This is amazing.

The Masked Lily is guarding the city!!1

Do you know the real reason why you should read Seikon no Qwaser? It's because we have the Masked Lily to save the day!

Just see her protect our precious city!Свернуть )

sob I love Miyuri so much. Someone, app her!


Age: around 10
Height: short
Weight: slightly below average for a girl of her height
Medical Info: She's a loli! She bruises fairly easily, but is otherwise a healthy little girl.
Eyes: Blue-green.
Hair: Light brown.
Physical traits: She tends towards lolita-type clothes, with lots of ruffles and such. She also wears her hair in pigtails.
Nationality: Russian! Also, Russian Orthodox Christian.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Pretty much anything. Her canon is filled with fanservice, religious symbolism, and death, so there really isn't too much that would be detrimental for her to know.

Abilities: She's the Qwaser in charge of copper, and specializes in puppetry. This means she can manipulate and control copper with her mind -- whether she's ripping the wiring out of buildings or using her human-sized puppet in battle. That said, she has to suck soma out of girls in order to use her power, and sucking soma is analagous to breastfeeding.

It should be noted that soma is more powerful when the one producing it is feeling powerful emotions. Fear, shame, lust, and love are all emotions recognized as being sufficient soma sources in canon, and Katja tends to promote shame and lust in her "concubines."

Notes for the Psychics: Katja looks sweet and innocent, but I call her my bondageloli for a reason. She'd be a dominatrix if she were old enough. Other thoughts include religious symbolism, clothes, the wonders of copper, how to acquire more soma, Mother, Russia, and just general day-to-day thoughts.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Go for it! She's a fighter, so she's good for it.

Maim/Murder/Death: See above! Katja is a combattant, although she doesn't fight physically. That's what everyone else is for.

Cooking: The concubines do this.

Obligatory app post

Character: Ekaterina Kurae, also known as Katja the Puppeteer of Copper
Series: Seikon no Qwaser
Character Age: Around ten years old.
Canon: Ah, the grand tale of a bunch of Russian Orthodox kids out to find a special religious painting stashed in a cave somewhere in Japan. These kids are called Qwasers, and they have the power to control various elements from the periodic table, making for lots of fighting, angry faces, and random fanservice. To make matters even more absurd, these Qwasers must suck on breasts in a bizarre yet risque take on the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus in order to absorb the "soma" from girls, just so they can be able to use their elemental powers in the first place!

Katja is a young girl from Russia who enjoys such things as dressing in goth-loli clothes, pretending to be cute and harmless, and training S&M slave Japanese schoolgirls to call her Queen and produce soma for her assorted needs. You see, Katja is the Qwaser in charge of copper, and she really enjoys using her powers, whether she's ripping all the copper wiring out of a building with her mind or manipulating the human-sized copper puppet she calls Mother to molest her latest human toy. And to think -- she's technically one of the good guys!

Sample Post:
Oh, thank you, miss! I was so scared! I was on my way to the lacy bloomer viewing party at the underwear tree, and then there were all those hulking gorilla-men acting naughty, and scaring those lopsided gray women, and I just didn't know what to do! I-I didn't even know it was possible for people to be so scared that you'd fall to bits, but they did! It was so scary! There were even toucans going on and on about how the copper-tops make even granny panties keep on going and going and going. I nearly fainted before you arrived to save the day.

No, I'm fine now, but it was a good thing you came to save me from their lewd display. Why, those men really looked like there were about to take advantage of a young maiden like myself! I really can't thank you enough for your help, and if it's not too much trouble, could you branch out to help me a second time? I wouldn't want to get lost again. I've really been looking forward to the viewing, and it would be a pity to miss it, even if those perverts from earlier wanted to grab my undergarments instead! They even said something about clothes wearing me in Soviet Russia, but that didn't make any sense at all. Um. Maybe you could help me find the viewing party? There were supposed to be instructions on how to get there, but my brochure for the event is all muddy and I'm not very good at walking through swamps.

But you know, it occurs to me that you're hiding something. You've been fawning over me ever since you found me, and I know that girls just want to have fun, but you're blushing as bright as the feathers on those toucans over there, and you look downright giddy. Why don't you admit it? You wanted me for yourself! How very brazen of you. Confess that you're a pervert, and I might even let you have a peek at just what you're missing! I'll even let you touch my special panties if you call me Queen~ ♥ Don't you have anything to say for yourself? How boring can you get? Why, you really should be ashamed of yourself for being such a pervert! Do you understand the position you are in? Do you think you even have the right to do anything more than kiss my boots? You should realize you'll be following my orders from now on, so shape up!

A nosebleed already? No proper young lady would just start flashing random strangers without warning! And just where do you think you're touching? Mother, Mother! Someone is trying to harass your precious Katja! Surely something like this cannot go unpunished, so why don't you show this charming young lady the value of a mother's touch? ♥

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